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A Spectacular New Vision of the Future

The Mass Effect Universe comprises most, if not all, of the most beloved science fiction tropes of the last century. An epic space opera in which the central cast of characters effect the fate of every living creature in the galaxy, organic and synthetic. A universe rich in detail and ripe for plunder by any roleplaying group.

Science-fiction Role-playing: Perfected (We Hope)

Mass Effect 40K RPG will allow your adventuring group to plunge yourselves into the center of an epic Mass Effect story of your choosing.

After some deliberation, we’ve decided that Warhammer 40k Roleplay provides the closest out-of-the-box system to represent the feel of Mass Effect for a Pen & Paper RPG experience. Granted we will be altering the ruleset with plenty of our own homebrew in order to realize the game more fully, but this system has by far the most analogues and mechanisms in place. Combat, Tech, and Biotics. Talents, Skills, and Powers…none of these needs to be cobbled onto the system. They already exist.

In the course of your adventures, you may choose to follow the path of the soldier, the tech-specialist, a physics altering biotic…and all of the shades in between. Play as an Asari Justicar, an unstoppable Krogan Vanguard, a Turian Soldier, or a Geth Infiltrator.

As you progress throughout the game you will improve your character’s skills, abilities, and equipment (including weapons, armor, biotic implants and more) to ensure that you have the means to face whatever threatens the galaxy, or your bottomline…

The Player CHaracter’s choices in your campaigns should, like your role as Shepard in the Mass Effect Series, have tremendous consequences on the galaxy around you. They should face moral dilemmas in which the decisions they ultimately make will significantly alter the fate of civilized life in the galaxy.

Your missions will take you into the deepest reaches of known space – and beyond. Whether your group decides to play after the Reaper War, before the start of Saren’s rampage, or to completely replace the events of the video game series with your own, you will choose which planets to investigate, and where to take your team. In addition to the major worlds of the civilized galaxy, a wide array of uncharted planets and other locations such as asteroids and abandoned space freighters adrift in space await you. Take your team planet side in order to explore and find alien life, ancient artifacts and ruins, rogue trader colonies and a host of other amazing discoveries.

As we complete our work, we’ll post it here for you to peruse and use…or completely revamp if something you see offends your delicate olfactory senses.

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Home Page

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